Wednesday, June 14

Goin where the sea is blue...

Birds are funny
they strut around
when they aren't flying
and really, Id rather have them strutting around
so I can capture them
with a 10x optical zoom

I wonder what makes them happy

I wonder if they like to keep warm by bon-fires
probably not
they don't want to end up raosted.

I wonder if they pose
or if they're naturally so bum-shaky.

And it must be difficult for them
to bend and paint their toes.


dee iyer said...

you know why birds cant talk?

because the weight of the written word is so heavy that if they could talk, they couldnt fly.

except of course: the occasional a little birdy told me .. those aren't really birds.. just pretend birds.. honest.. :)

coyote said...

I remember chasing flocks of seagulls in a 3-ton garbage truck, at one point in another life. Long story...

Parag N said...

Hey !
i was thinking u are in Delhi !
where r u & wat r u doin ?
Perhaps a bird took u over the blue sea...:) just kiddin !

perhaps birds dont think that much they just nice :)


tungstengreen said...

...and they sing out their stories, their songs, their lives so well!
yesterday i saw a little bird drenching n singing in the rain on my terrace.

drifting leaf said...

hey...i've wondered about birds as when they fly about looking so busy, are they really going somewhere?