Friday, May 5

One, two , three..

So, The other evening we went out for some drinks to this place called the Therapy Cafe. You have to check out the menu. The names of the drinks are hilarious. ( At one point, I looked at the bartender and said, "You've got some balls"). (You'll understand that bit only if you check out the menu).
So, it was fun and we got home way past two am and I don't know when I slept off.
What I do know is
The next day, I spent half my day barfing in the toilet bowl and the other half, sleeping.

It was awful.

Why'd it happen?
I mixed three strange strange drinks and I'm really not much of a drinker otherwise (hmm, I know some people would beg to differ). First I had the Freudian Sip, then I had You've got some balls and then, Girls gone wild. And I don't know about the other girls but it did make this particular one go wild....throwing up in the toilet bowl.

I'm off alcohol now.
Well, atleast till this evening, anyways!

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Oneirodynic said...

"Youve got some balls" is indeed a nice name!I was puzzled to the same magnitude when i was in one of the sea side shacks in Goa.They had a "slippery d.i.*.k" and loads of funny names which will make me look like a sadist.

Thanks for dropping by the blog,btw.