Tuesday, May 9

D 1

At the moment that our minds dissolve into the fuzzy night light
at the time when parts of our intermingled body become mere
Extensions of hearts breathing calmly in unison

At the point when exhaustion yields not to sleep but
a peaceful slumber, I wonder how that dawn shall break
how I shall awake waiting for yet another such moment.

Shall I know this moment again, in a way that ceases to matter?
What you or I may think or where it is destined to lead
In a world where we cannot meet; in a moment where we had.

Why can I not think so clearly, as when you speak?
Is it because I have never known a love
that has not come for a price?

A feeling that there was, strong and spontaneous
That has lead more often to a desolate stillness
Incomprehensible by my solitary mind

Or is it as you say we meet like children, in a game
With nothing to lose? Except that others have returned
And I keep waiting feeling I have at least played.

But there is something pure and serene about this dawn
Even as I sit revisiting the past, strength I draw from knowing
That I have not for once shied from telling you.



Jugular Bean said...

Ushu full new template.

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

Is this one yours ...beautifully written...


Fingers said...

Yus, full new template...it's a good change.
This isn't mine, Zofo...it;s written by a friend and it's nice, isn't it.

Sagar said...

strength I draw from knowing...

bluerebel said...

Hi I am doing okay... as best as I can..
this is beautiful
"Is it because I have never known a love that has not come for a price?"
thats gonna stay with me for days...

Fingers said...

The poet has asked me to thank you for your encouraging comments.