Wednesday, July 8

looking back

these past few months have been heavy.

and these coming months are going to haphazard too considering the plans i'm making.

but it's always a good feeling to look back at my sketchbooks once the storm has passed.


coyote said...

I really like the word patterns. And good to see you posting again!

Amogh said...

Lovely sketchbooks bonita!!

kuchh dinon baad jab tu famous artist ban jayegi, tab muze tere sketchbook de dena...poor product designer will sell it for money! ;-)

keep sketching yar!
and when r u coming to pune?
PLEASE cme soon!

take care

Sagar said...

This is so nice!

whackonondo said...

Bonu!!! lovely stuff here man.... think Gujjuland is doing wonders to your sketchbook :)