Thursday, January 1


This year I'm going to try to post something on my blog everyday.
Let's see how it goes!


Sagar said...

That is Lovely Fingers. All the best.

100hands said...

And here is a lovely song by Shannon Wright.


These bloated veins have climbed
Hillsides and airlines
Looking for a limb to reside
This eager scheme has turned
Lathered up your bottled smile
But the notice just passes the tether by
In storms the coils do fail
And I will paw for air
You buckle and stir
My brittle hand
O' this empty glance of you
Folds only to consume
How they fray away
These ribbons of you

coyote said...

Happy Year! It'll be good to see more of you again...

~Nitoo Das~ said...

What happened to your New Year resolution?
We wait.

Shiny Tiny Satellite said...

i like your blog .

adi said...

yes, let's c hw it goes ;) i thought almost similarly at the beginning of the year!

whackonondo said...

Kool Sketch and wild the gestures of the feet :).... Even i tried the one post a day...didnt enjoy it though!!

Pratik Ghosh said...

arre.. wht happened?..
plz post something everyday. it's a nice idea!
love ur blog.. 'personal' as u said it. :)