Monday, February 19


Off late I've been working in an office.
A first, for me.
It's been fun. I dial a certain number and ask for a coffee, every two hours or so.
But the project is almost over now and I'm back to what I enjoy doing.
So this week I'm going to visit the children at Manav Sadhna everyday, again. And we're getting more and more people interested in getting their walls painted by us. Planning to name our team, the mural making team.
I'm looking forward to going home, soon.

Life isn't bad at all. It's fun and full of things to do everyday, these days.
But I'm going to miss someone who left today.


David Scrimshaw said...

You dial a certain number and a coffee comes to you?

That sounds like heaven to me.

drifting leaf said...

hey fingers...
the mural painting team... once upon a time, it was a dream to paint walls... and even to-date when i see someone painting a wall it drives me crazy... want to jump right in... the smell of paint and turpentine does things to my brain!

when leaving and where goin?