Wednesday, August 2

Black ink

I'm an athiest
I go to all places of worship.

And sometimes I get tired of these calculations
wherever I go they're around.

I read the temperature in fahrenheit
but feel it in celsius.

I weigh myself in pounds
but feel my weight in kilos.

I buy in dollars
but spend in rupees.

Wonder when this automatic calculator will lie down.

But can we ever meet without prejudices?
Like we did when we were small.

Is a coffee equal to two hours of silken silence?
It's so quiet here all of a sudden
This clickety-clack is amplified.

I know I'm not the centre of the universe
but wait, there's no need to feel smug.
Neither are you.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We are all points of rotation
Sometimes I feel that I am only orbited by black holes
Sometimes there is a star there
But only sometimes.

Heretic said...

So now, you are the teller of stories in verse too?

Mighty impressive, this effort. And I connected too. :-)

Crouching Tigress said...

Hehe nice. I can relate to some parts! However, I AM the centre of the universe. Mine.

GhostOfTomJoad said...

You're right...pounds or kilos, it's still weight. Perhaps Shakespeare had your concerns in mind when he said "...What's in a name?" :-)

Nice one.

Fingers said...

Christa, black holes and one star?

Heretic, I'm sure you know what i mean!

Searching, you're right. You are the centre of your own universe...who else is in it?

Ghost, these things are baffling. I swear it's taken me all these months to finally feel the heat when its a 104 degree fahrenheit outside!

Anonymous said...

Stars come and go - black holes just keep on sucking the light out of the galaxy. Ah, who cares anyway - it's only cosmic dust in the wind...

--Sunrise-- said...

beautiful poem... you sound like a free spirit...

Laban T Walker said...

without prejudice

Anonymous said...

Kudos. Loved the ending :)

A.R.Malik said...

Inscription on a headstone in a cemetery: "Here lies an athiest....all dressed up and no place to go". I'd hedge my bets if I were you. ;) Cheers.